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Season Lists

Season lists giving the ascents and deaths for the Nepalese Himalayan peaks are provided on an interim basis until updates are issued for the Himalayan Database.

The ascent lists give the summit time of day (if known) in Nepal Standard Time (NST) for all ascents including those on the north side of Everest. NST is 2:15 hours behind Chinese Standard Time (CST).

Deaths (if any) are listed at the end of each of the season lists. The time of death (NST) and the altitude of the event causing the death are given if known.

There were no ascents or deaths for the summers of 2005-2006, 2010 and 2012-2016, or winters of 2012-2015. The current season lists available are:

2004 Spring, 2004 Summer, 2004 Autumn, 2004 Winter

2005 Spring, 2005 Autumn, 2005 Winter

2006 Spring, 2006 Autumn, 2006 Winter

2007 Spring, 2007 Summer, 2007 Autumn, 2007 Winter

2008 Spring, 2008 Summer, 2008 Autumn, 2008 Winter

2009 Spring, 2009 Summer, 2009 Autumn, 2009 Winter

2010 Spring, 2010 Autumn, 2010 Winter

2011 Spring, 2011 Summer, 2011 Autumn, 2011 Winter

2012 Spring, 2012 Autumn

2013 Spring, 2013 Autumn

2014 Spring, 2014 Autumn

2015 Spring, 2015 Autumn

2016 Spring